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About Us

In 2011, two solo artists Jinder Jade & Seetal Kaur teamed up to put together something new and vibrant. This created the authentic sound of traditional bhangra duet which they applied with a modern elegance. Therefore Jinder and Seetal began their ambitious and unique journey in showcasing their talents as the first UK born Bhangra duet act as Jin & Seetal.

The duo quickly saw the release of their debut single ‘Kol De Kunda’ (produced by Bee2 & Taj-e which set them on the way as a different Bhangra offering. The song was accompanied with a creative and an amusing music video which bought to life their delightful personas.
Jinder and Seetal have continued to build on their growing fan base around the world. With there unique presentation, Jin & Seetal look forward to showcasing their new singles and albums to bhangra and music lovers around the world. Jinder & Seetal both say “We are very thankful to the fans for our musical journey, so far it has been an amazing experience and we are so blessed to have such great fans out there, who have taken our music into their hearts.”