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A breif history of us and our plans for the future

About Seetal Kaur

The duo quickly saw the release of their debut single ‘Kol De Kunda’ (produced by Bee2 & Taj-e which set them on the way as a different Bhangra offering. The song was accompanied with a creative and an amusing music video which bought to life their delightful personas.

About Jinder Jade

In 2011, two solo artists Jinder Jade & Seetal Kaur teamed up to put together something new and vibrant. This created the authentic sound of traditional bhangra duet which they applied with a modern elegance. Therefore Jinder and Seetal began their ambitious and unique journey in showcasing their talents as the first UK born Bhangra duet act as Jin & Seetal.


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Has Baliyeh

Jin & Seetal

Has Baliyeh is the new refreshing single of the Bhangra’s first British Asian male & female duo act Jin & Seetal. ‘Has Baliyeh’, the dynamic duo releases a very melodious song and replicates the golden era of Punjabi music from the late ’70s, which has now disappeared. Jin & Seetal have put their voices to this song to give this genre of music an even sweeter taste of their music and are bringing back an iconic song for the 21st century.

Heer Ranjha

Jin & Seetal

Little bit about the song: In this melodic, dramatic and cinematic folk tale, we are told the story of star crossed lovers. Heer Ranjha is a beautiful love song and a true ode to Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.  Jin & Seetal are the first male/female Bhangra duet group in the UK. The Birmingham based duo consists of Jinder Jade and Seetal Kaur, whose solo careers have earned them awards, airplay and fans around the world for over two decades. As Jin and Seetal, they combine traditional Bhangra elements with modern pop elegance to create a vibrant and new, distinctly British Bhangra sound. Seetal won the Best Female Singer Award at UK Bhangra Awards in 2015 and again in 2018. Co-vocalist and songwriter/producer Jinder Jade is a well-known figure on the UK Bhangra scene, celebrating 20 years of recording and performing with some of the genre’s biggest acts. Jinder has worked with established Bhangra labels and artists around the world for the past 20 years.

Marching On Together Fans Gonde Boliyan

Jinder Jade

As you may be aware, Leeds United Football Club have been promoted as Champions and they are on their way to the Premiere League after being away for sixteen years. UK Bhangra superstar and super fan of Leeds United, Jinder Jade brings to you the first ever Leeds United Punjabi song titled, “Marching on Together Fans Gonde Boliyan” which is translated in English as “Marching on Together, the fans sing songs.” This is a fun football song, which Jinder co-wrote with the great Sukhchain Singh Gill, a superb Punjabi lyricist. This song captures the essence of Leeds United’s Championship promotion season. I am sure every Leeds United fan will enjoy this hard hitting Bhangra song and will have great fun dancing to it in the stands of Elland Rd and on the dancefloor. This song is accompanied with a bilingual music video, which has been fully translated so that all Leeds United fans can enjoy. Jinder Jade shot the video at the iconic Elland Rd Stadium to give it a personal Leeds United football touch. The traditional beats of UK Punjabi music meets Leeds United with the sounds of the traditional ‘Dhol’ drums. LET’S GET THE DHOL OUT ON ELLAND ROAD & MARCH ON TOGETHER!

Book Jin & Seetal for your Ladies Sangeet, because we are different to the rest

Jin & Seetal are passionate about Ladies Sangeet as it gives the wedding festivities another dimension. We are from Birmingham, arguably the birthplace of UK Bhangra music, it is the heart and soul of many legendary Bhangra bands.

Jin & Seetal are the very best in live music entertainment to hire for modern yet traditional Ladies Sangeet parties for all your guests to enjoy.

Our entertainment is packed with fun, singing, dancing and laughter for all ages throughout the whole event. We will guarantee that our live band and singing will make your event a fun and memorable one, making sure that you and your guests are involved with us by singing and dancing too. Jin & Seetal sing a wide range of songs from traditional Punjabi folk songs to the greatest Bhangra hits, as well as our own original songs. So, make your Sangeet is extra special with us by “Creating memories, which will last forever”.


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